List of Important Lakes of India (State Wise)
List of Important Lakes of India (State Wise)

Important Lakes of India (State Wise)

Important Lakes of India is one of the important topics in the general awareness section. Especially the question from the largest lake in India was asking simultaneously in all the competitive exams. As we all know that General Awareness section is the easiest topic for the aspirants to score well and it will boost up your overall cut off in your competitive exams.

Lake is a surface water body that is surrounded by land. Rivers will be outlet or inlet to the lakes i.e. lakes take the water from rivers or act as a source of water. Lakes are found in various landscapes like Hilly areas, plains, plateaus, rift zones, etc. India is known for its diverse natural resources. There are many resources out of which water bodies have a significant hold on the scenic beauty of our country. Lakes are one of the major sources of natural beauty in India and there are many lakes in almost every state.

List of Important Lakes of India

Today, are going to provide you List of Important Lakes of India (State Wise) for upcoming all-competitive Exams 2021.  This Important Lakes of India will help you prepare efficiently in general awareness section for upcoming Banking, SSC, Railways, and other competitive exams. As per the latest exam trend, 2-3 questions are generally asked from latest Static GK Awareness, so aspirants should prepare well using this Important Lakes of India to get good marks.

There are various types of lakes which can be classified based on different criteria – They are Fresh Water Lakes, Salt Water lakes, Natural Lakes, Artificial Lakes, oxbow lake, Crater Lake etc. The details of these lakes are mentioned below:

S.No Category of Lake in India Important facts
1. Freshwater Lakes Fresh Water Lake are unsalted water which are usually found in low lying areas these are fed from rivers, streams, and runoff from the surrounding area.
2. Saltwater Lakes As the name suggests saltwater lake contains a concentration of salts and other dissolved minerals significantly higher than most lakes (at least 3 grams per litre of water).
3. Natural Lakes Natural lakes are generally found in mountainous areas, rift zones, and areas with ongoing glaciation. Other lakes are found in endorheic basins or along the courses of mature rivers, where a river channel has widened into a basin.
4. Oxbow Lakes Oxbow lake is formed when a wide meander of a river is cut off. A lake is then formed when the river finds a different shorter course.
5. Artificial Lakes Artificial Lake is a man-made lake that is used to store water for public use.
6. Crater Lakes A crater lake is created from the collapse or explosive activity of volcanic eruption.

List of Lakes of India – State Wise

State Name District Type Facts/Description


Andhra Pradesh

Pulicat Lake Sullurpet Brackish Water It encompasses Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary;
Satish Dhawan Space Centre located here
Kolleru Lake Vijayawada Freshwater Home to migratory birds
Nagarjuna Sagar Nalgonda Freshwater Artificially constructed;
Krishna river



Haflong Lake Silchar Freshwater High altitude lake
DeeporBeel Kamrup Freshwater Under Ramsar Convention
Son Beel Karimganj Freshwater (Tectonically formed) Largest wetland in Assam
Chandubi lake Kamrup Freshwater Migratory Birds (winter);
formed by 1897 earthquake
Bihar Kanwar Lake Begusarai Oxbow (freshwater) Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake;



Hamirsar lake Kutch Artificial Situated in centre of Bhuj
Kankaria lake Ahmedabad Artificial During 14th century by Muhammed Shah II
Narayan Sarovar Kutch Artificial freshwater Pilgrimage site for Hindus
Thol Lake Mehsana Lentic lake Constructed for irrigation purpose
Vastrapur Ahmedabad Freshwater Narmada River;
Picnic spot




Badkal Lake Faridabad Freshwater Man made
Blue Bird Lake Hisar Freshwater Migratory Birds, Wetland Habitat
Brahma Sarovar Thaneswar Freshwater Ancient water pool sacred to Hinduism
Damdama Lake Sohna Freshwater Constructed by British government for Rainwater Harvesting
Karna Karnal Freshwater Connected to great epic Mahabharata
Tilyar Rohtak Freshwater (canal inflow) Located inside Tilyar Zoo

Himachal Pradesh

Chandra Taal Lahul and Spiti Sweetwater lake Ramsar wetland site
Suraj Taal Lahul and Spiti Freshwater (High Altitude) Bhaga River inflow
MaharanaPratapSagar Kangra Freshwater Ramsar site
Prashar lake Mandi Holomitic (Freshwater) It has a floating Island


Jammu & Kashmir

Dal lake Srinagar Warm monomitic Remnants of  past glacial period
Pangong Tso Ladakh Endorheic Lake (saline water) Indo-China Border
Wular lake Bandipora Tectonic lake (freshwater) Largest freshwater lake in India
TsoMoriri Ladakh Saltwater High altitude lake




Agara lake Bangalore Freshwater Located in southwest part of the city
Bellandur Lake Bangalore Freshwater
Karanji lake Mysore Butterfly park
Ulsoor lake Bangalore Stale water It has several islands
Kukarahalli lake Mysore Freshwater Recreational
Honnamana Kodagu Freshwater Holy lake, place for various festivals
Pampa Sarovar Hampi Freshwater Tungabhadra river


Ashtamudi Kayal Kollam Brackish water Ramsar wetland site
Kuttanad Alappuzha, Kottayam Backwater paddy cultivation
Vembanad Brackish water Ramsar wetland; boat race
Shashtamkotta Kollam Freshwater Ramsar wetland
Madhya Pradesh Bhojtal Bhopal Freshwater Ramsar site; largest artificial lake in India


Salim Ali Aurangabad Freshwater Birdwatching
Shivsagar Satara Freshwater Koyna dam
Lonar lake Buldhana Crater lake National Geo-Heritage monument
Manipur Loktak lake Lenticular freshwater Ramsar wetland; Phumdis (Floating Islands); Multipurpose project
Meghalaya Umiam Shillong Freshwater Famous for cycling and boating
Mizoram Tam Dil Saitual Freshwater


Chilika lake Puri Brackish water India’s largest brackish water lake; lagoon
Kanjia lake Bhubaneswar Freshwater Wetland of national importance


Harike Ferozepur Freshwater Ramsar wetland site
Rupar Rupnagar Freshwater Manmade riverine lake
Kanjli Kapurthala Freshwater Ramsar wetland site


Sambhar lake Sambhar Lake-town Saltwater Ramsar wetland; largest inland saltwater lake in India
Rajsamand Rajsamand Freshwater


Tsomgo lake East Sikkim Freshwater Winter frozen
Khecheoplari West Sikkim Freshwater Sacred lake for Hindus and Buddhists
Tamil Nadu Ooty lake Nilgiris Freshwater Boat House
Chembarambakkam Chennai Artificial lake


Hussain Sagar Hyderabad Artificial lake Artificial Gibraltar rock-island
Badrakali lake Warangal Freshwater Artificial lake
Uttar Pradesh Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Sonbhadra Man-made lake Rihand dam
Belasagar Kulpahar Freshwater Irrigation lake
Uttarakhand Bhimtal Nainital Freshwater Medium altitude lake
West Bengal East Calcutta wetlands Calcutta Brackish water

Important Facts About Lakes in India

  • Largest freshwater lake in India – Wular Lake, Jammu and Kashmir
  • Largest Saline water lake in India – Chilka Lake, Odisha
  • Highest lake in India (Altitude) – Cholamu lake, Sikkim
  • Longest Lake in India – Vembanad lake, Kerala
  • Largest Artificial Lake in India – Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)